Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Watch : WHITE MYSTERY at the 2011 Hideout Block Party!

White Mystery played the 15th annual Hideout Block Party! Shilling out loud-ass tunes from their new record, and a few old ones peppered in for good measure. The band hasn't slowed down a bit since the last time you saw them, only upping the volume on the knob, screaming and bashing away, and touring like tomorrow might not come.

White Mystery are consistently good live, and have been long-time fans of the DIY scene in Chicago. You could often catch White Francis chugging down 40's in the Mopery. In fact, that's where we met them. They have a slick new VIDEO out for the Blood and Venom track "Birthday" that just so happens to be directed by Echotone's Nathan Christ. SMASHY! Enjoy :

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