Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch : Broken Social a Heineken billboard.

Things just keeps getting stranger and stranger for us lately.

In a weird, last-minute, WTF moment, Broken Social Scene played on a 600 foot stage with a Heineken billboard towering over them. Oh, and the billboard was...across from Wrigley Field. Unbeknownst to us, they only have an October 1st gig in the states before they play some South American shows and go on the ever dreaded "hiatus". In hindsight, that made comments by Kevin Drew, like "We're Broken Social Scene, don't forget us", and "Chicago, we love you, you know we love you" all the more potent. "Don't forget to look somebody in the eye." Despite the high stage, the show was fun. They played seven songs. Even a few off "You Forgot It In People". Thanks, Heineken! Please write us so we can give you the check address.

Enjoy :

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