Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watch : Julian Koster play us a song in an alley (plus Olivia Tremor Control photos)

Here's a special one for you. Julian Koster and Robby Cuchiarro play "Spare the Dark Streets" in...well, a dark alleyway behind Bottom Lounge.

Last year, in October, Music Tapes did one of their "Holiday Surprise" tours, in which they stopped at people's homes for a small group of people to play holiday inspired songs. Singing saw, banjos with bows, horns, mechanized human towers, games, singing mice. The whole thing brought a smile to our face for weeks. It was one of the best shows I ever attended, both musically, and for the environment.

Well, last night, Julian Koster brought his Music Tapes fellows, along with the 7 foot metronome, to open up for Olivia Tremor Control at the Bottom Lounge.

They were great. Playing a few old songs, and a bunch of new material from a record that will be out next year.

Olivia Tremor Control seemed to have fun on stage, laughing off sound issues. It was a great set, filled with cuts from their past, with new material. There was an eleven year old boy present (who appeared to be accompanied by his father and Michael Martello from Nothingheads / Absolutely Not). He ended up giving them a tape of the songs he recorded. The band shook his hand and said they were surprised he has recorded already. OTC dedicated a song they "weren't expecting to play" to him. Cutest goddamn thing ever.

We asked Julian Koster to play us "Spare the Dark Streets" in the alley behind Bottom Lounge, so he grabbed his banjo, and Robby Cuchiarro, and they did just that. Magic.



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rfrom said...

Great photos! I'm the 11-year-old's dad. Thanks for the kind words! OTC was very kind, too. A preview of the album my son's recording is at