Monday, April 4, 2011

LIGHTNING BOLT play FREE tonight for Empty Bottle's "Music. Friendly. Dancing." #2

Things get a little less friendly tonight at Empty Bottle's new monthly night of music..

Providence, Rhode Island's LIGHTNING BOLT play a second night in Chicago TONIGHT at 7pm, filling spot #2 in the M.F.D. roster.

The first "Music. Friendly. Dancing" went off without a hitch, coupling early start times with cheap beer. MENOMENA filling the bill for the first go around, showing dear Radley some love with a sticker on the bass drum. We shot some video:

You can still RSVP here...

It's very likely the attendance will be even greater than the Menomena show, but with the cheap Goose Island flowing, we addiction-heavy smokers have got our fingers crossed that the in-and-out privileges will be restored.

The Logan Square auditorium show they wrapped up just a few hours ago left everyone red-faced and limping, debuting a few new tracks. Much to come. A storm is brewing. Excuse the pun, but if you get no more updates from here on out, you know I was truly sacrificed to the Lightning Bolt.

LB crowd photo's are always the best. Here's one from Logan. More to come.

Gibson said I could record tonight. We'll see how it turns out. See you there, Chicago! We'd suggest showing up early... :


s I AM ese said...

hey mang! did you happen to get some pix of a lone Cow-Man floating around?!? bad ass show

Gonzo Chicago said...

Sure did! I'll post 'em on facebook now, and with a bunch of other media tonight / tommorow!