Monday, April 4, 2011

Listen to Lightning Bolt's entire Empty Bottle set...

If you didn't show up early enough / blew it on seeing Lightning Bolt, then you'll be glad we have such nerdy dedication.

As the thunderstorms rolled out, the day after Logan Square auditorium met Lightning Bolt, they returned to the Empty Bottle, for the first time since 2003. They eventually blew the power out trying to play "Colossus" , ending up clocking in over 13 minutes.

Rough Tracklist thanks to the fine folks at the LASER BEAST boards :

2morro Morro Land (start)
New song?
Another new song? (7:40-)
Mega Ghost (10:30)
Horsepower (15:55)
Sound Guardians (21:54)
8Note (27:00 ish)
ANOTHER NEW SONG? (35:30 ish)
Colossus (42:00)

There's much more, from both shows...just...let us sleep for a few days...

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Anonymous said...

Colossus deserves to blow the power out :)