Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video + Photos : Lonesome Organist / Das Boton : Beauty Bar + Fundraiser update!

Last night, Beauty Bar's "Pizza Pizza Wednesday" party hosted The Lonesome Organist, and Das Boton.

Chicagoist put it best. "Jeremy Jacobsen has been performing around Chicago as the Lonesome Organist since ’96, but he’s still sort of a little-known local secret. And, as his name suggests, he’s still true to the traditional concept of the one-man band. The Lonesome Organist takes the stage solo, skillfully playing up to four instruments at once, including guitar, harmonica, accordion, toy piano, steel drum, singing saw, vibraphone, organ and whatever else he can get his hands on. His musical stylings are inherently eclectic, moving between genres such as rock, blues, vaudeville and even yodeling as he switches arrangements and instruments throughout his set. And in a time when music is largely automated, Jacobsen does it all without electronics."

Jeremy hooted, hollered, played multiple instruments at once, and the crowd LOVED IT.

Das Boton is a fairly new project for ex Heroic Doses noodler Bill Dolan, and Tortoise beat-keeper John Herndon. I was surprisingly unfamiliar, even though I was a huge Heroic Doses fan. I kept thinking "this REALLY sounds like Heroic Doses...", and with good reason! The sounds are similar, with Dolan shredding and high-kicking the audience into sheer rapturous screams of glee. The boys played some songs from the mid-90's, eveleoping the crowd in serious guitar hooks, rumbling bass, and brute-force drum pounds. John killed it! Such a phenomenal show, for free, with free pizza, at your favorite glittery mad-house....BEAUTY BAR!

Here's a video of Lonesome Organist. The light kicks on around the 2 minute mark, and then off again around the 6 minute mark. It's the music you should be listening to, anyway :


Lonesome Organist :




We're at $620!!!!

HUGE thank you to the donors in the last days! A few of those spectacular Threadless shirts have been snagged, so if you want one, grab one!

Donors :

Matthew Hoppe
Bryan Rakowski
Corinne Kaehr
Nikki Weaver
Julie Hyatt
Mario Cardon
Alana Cuellar

I'd like to thank everyone, so much for making this a reality. It means THE WORLD to me that you've chosen to spend your time here, with all that's going on in the world.

A few people had some EXTREMELY kind words to say about the fundraiser.

Chicago Garage Rock : "We all know what a great music scene we have here in Chicago. Every weekend there’s multiple quality shows to choose from at multiple quality venues. This is not just because of the musicians who entertain us, but also because of the people who tirelessly cover the scene for little or no pay (in many cases, at a cost to them.) One such person is John Yingling. John’s been documenting Chicago’s music scene for 3 years with his own shoddy equipment, and he needs your help to give these great bands the exposure they need. If you’re a supporter of Chicago’s music scene, seriously consider donating to his cause."

...and Loud Loop Press offered some amazing support as well : "If you’re a longtime reader of our little site, you know that from time to time we’re posted up some excellent footage from local blog Gonzo Chicago.

Well, in case you didn’t know, the man behind Gonzo Chicago is avid Chicago scene supporter, live show documentarian and all around nice guy John Yingling. He loves videotaping shows as much as we love writing about them.

Yingling’s been at the whole video-ing show business on his own for three years. Unfortunately, his equipment is pretty dated. And by pretty I mean really. I’m talking a Dell computer here. And yet he continues to push through and keep recording.

That’s why Yingling’s recent cause of obtaining better recording and editing equipment is such an understandable one, and one that needs to happen if you want him to keep on truckin’. Perhaps the informative short film after the jump will explain more.

Yingling’s Indiegogo Campaign was just launched this past monday and he’s already hit the $490 mark, but that’s well short of his goal of $3,500. I mean just donating anything will get you some sweet, sweet perks like a personalized thank you on a social media station, a T-shirt, personalized short film or even a signed Walkmen vinyl. Just slap your cursor here and donate. It’s that simple.

Anyway, it’s the season of giving (that’s Easter, right?), so be kind, rewind and give to Yingling."


Amazing. I really am blown away by all the kind words. Almost 2,000 people have looked at the fundraiser page. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! If each one of those people would have donated $5, we would have hit our goal, and raise THOUSANDS of dollars for CHIRP Radio!

If you enjoy what you see here, don't be passive! Hit that DONATE button!

Much love,

- John Yingling

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