Thursday, April 7, 2011

TONIGHT! Kool Keith hits Beauty Bar, Black Lips curate free Viaduct show...

Oh, Chicago. I hope you don't take these things for granted. Tonight, you have your choice on whichever musical teet you'd like to suck on.

Will be it Doctor Octagon himself, KOOL KEITH at Beauty Bar? $5 cover charge...

OR :

A FREE, Black Lips curated, Vitamin Water slingin' show by Lover!, Mannequin Men, and Hollows!

On the other side of town, at the lovely Viaduct Theatre, where you've seen such shows as Chinese Stars, or the last Neon Marshmallow Fest, Vice magazine and Vitamin Water have teamed up with the Black Lips to bring you some seriously great local acts.

“Four punker-types with a penchant for getting wild at house parties and spending their free time in a CCR cover band." Mannequin Men arose from the grave a short while ago, and are working on a new record. Come catch them headline, and no doubt play some newer songs.

Lover! are up second, a self proclaimed "“buzzsaw-shredding powerpop tornado" , we're excited to have them back.

Hollows open, and have been tearing up stages all over the city lately, and we're always delighted to hear those ghostly organs kick in. Get ready to dance like you have one foot in the grave.

To avoid another potential Lightning Bolt situation, we suggest you RSVP!!!!! arrive early. RSVP to a free show rarely has guaranteed entry, so we don't know why people expected anything different. It's been the same...forever!

You are warned!

If that, for some strange reason doesn't quite tickle your fancy, Victim of Time is having a showcase of The Twerps (Melbourne), Wet Hair (Iowa City), and your favorite local pop-floozies, Tyler Jon Tyler!

This all goes down at Crown Liquors at 10pm.

What a wondrous night to be alive!

A demon-like cold has taken over Gonzo Chicago headquarters, so we sadly may not attend any of these! We blame Lightning Bolt's soul-sucking double show. It was worth it.

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