Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years.

Jay Reatard + Spoon.

Jay Reatard and his new band played all of their stuff 3X slower, like on record, and it was the most impressive i've ever seen him. I've seen him a lot, but damn this was great to hear the songs slower. TOO. MANY. HOOKS. I was geeking out the whole time. Cheers jay.

Afterwards, a too easy, hassle-free stage jump, I wandered into a realm that had all sorts of quality products and hanging out...and a Mortal Kombat II machine.



played a few rounds of MKII with Kano, drank some red bull, and bailed.

This video pretty much sums up my last 2 years of filming with the "little camera that could" A Canon Powershot Elph SD1000, which, if you don't know, is not something i'd normally opt to film a bunch of cool shit on. However, the video quality is spectacular for what it is. Proper measures are being worked on slowly.

This, was not in Chicago.

I do give Milwaukee much props for hosting such a classy non cheesy New Years! Aside from someone stealing my full 22 oz. beer in the bathroom WHILE I WAS LOOKING, all was well. $4 gigantic beers, and all the balloons you could want. The Riverside Theatre was just like it's partner in crime, the Pabst! Great place to see Spoon.

Hey, Riviera, take a page from this place.

2010 marks a new start for this blog. Proper internetz shall be gotten. I have A LOT to give to you all, so your patience will be rewarded.

...and on the way down.....

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