Monday, January 18, 2010

Clues, Schubas, Tommorow Never Knows...

Tommorow Never Knows 2010, from what I hear, was all sorts of amazing.

I was not in top form for buying tickets to any of these shows. Atlas Sound was a priority but it just didn't happen.

However, I was treated to a set from Clues at Schubas last night.

Haunting energy flowed from these fellows.

I was running on two hours of sleep, and trying to compensate with beer and other things not only made for a very weird and surreal experience, but the ensuing story telling from Alden Penner, in hindsight, sums up the night.

A story about greek mythology and hints about nature overtaking were brought up.

Was the world coming to an end?

Are Clues some sort of saviour brought forth from the heavens to save us all?

Something new was played.

Cameras could not be held steady.

Waves of sound washed over me.

People in the crowd got a little bit too serious.

Maybe Alden and company really are the answer to all of our prayers, and these few people in attendance were the only ones who knew it. A few people in the crowd were almost hyperventilating the whole thing. Moments like this make you realize, music is some people's reasoning for just getting out of bed.

super nice guys who were just as tired as i was.

It was a short set, but let's hope we see them back a few more times considering the history of Alden's projects.

Some sadly shaky video will be up soon.

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