Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jeremy Enigk - When Will I Speak

Dear Jeremy Enigk :

I am fully convinced you are a superhero.

Jeremy came to the Abbey pub a while back...may 2008? I have always been a really big fan of everything he's done. The United States of Leland stuff were even tear-jerkers.

So, missing out on the original SDRE (which I finally saw in '09), I was really stoked to go see him on a freezing cold night. He played by himself, with what seemed like 80 or so people just standing mouths agape. A mohawked dude in front of me was really into it. He even played more than a couple sunny day songs, a leland song, and that was back when I only had a 1GB memory card. So, in risk of running out of room, I taped about 45 seconds of 10 songs. In hindsight, it was a bummer, but I made sure to rectify it when he came back.

Below, we have Mr. Enigk at Bottom Lounge a mere six months later! Equally mindblowing show.

Jeremy Enigk knows how to kick you in the face, all by himself.

Jeremy, please tour for O.K. Bear soon, I think it's some of the best you've ever done.

Without further ado, the FIRST song I ever downloaded in the mid nineties, on my 14.4k modem, a (from what I can gather) never-released track...

..When Will I Speak :

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