Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Mopery seriously wants to entertain you...

Please don't be disrespectful at DYI places.


All these people want to do is go out of their fucking way to give you a good time.

They put money, time, and resources into letting you come in for free, throw a few bucks down, bring some beer, SMOKE YOUR CIGARETTES even!

Be nice!

Someone got kicked out last night. he seemed like a nice guy, considering he was sooo plastered i'm sure he even rivaled MY hangover today, it being my birthday at midnight!

I didn't see him do anything. People fell on the floor a bunch, dudes were pushing, windmill dancing and shit. The guy seemed genuinely pissed and bewildered at it all though. Maybe he was too drunk to know that he did something.

do whatever you want, just don't hurt people or damage shit. i miss fugazi regulatin'.

Chicago is a crazy town.

Warehouses having really great touring bands, and the bands telling me they would rather play at a place like that, than a proper venue. Some are bands from hundreds of miles away! This is why I love music.

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