Sunday, January 24, 2010

CLUES - Schubas, Tommorow Never Knows - 01/17/2010

First of all :

"Remember Severed Head" is about Scylla, NOT "Perfect Fit". Didn't feel like editing in a small clip just to have some sort of explanation.

"Haarp" is about Charybdis.

i'm happy with how all of this came together. The Scylla/Charybdis tie-in that I just so happened to have hit the record button.

I shot 9/10th's of this show half heartedly while I jumped around, and really the only decent stuff made it in this cut of stuff.

I was standing in the wrong spot for maximum vocal goodness for some of the faster, fuller songs, and I knew it, so I just got wacky. They pretty much played the entire LP.

You may notice someone say "oh my god" , and WTF, etc... It was pretty much the story after every song they played.

I knew these songs were going to be better live, but even in the upper right, where the vocals still kicked and resonated in your left ear, walls of sound creeped in from every angle.

It's my birthday.

I spent it in a warehouse watching Bear Claw and a touring band from Tennessee called New Brutalism. A nice surprise.



CLUES - Schubas , 01/17/2010 from John Yingling on Vimeo.

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