Saturday, March 5, 2011

Watch Parting Gifts' Greg Cartwright play a couple songs in the Empty Bottle's bathroom...

I kind of laughed as I asked Greg Cartwright, of the Oblivians...Compulsive Gamblers...Reigning Sound...if he'd play me "Strange Disposition", and he said "let me go get my guitar" then seemingly sprinted to the stage. That's how nice he is.

He ended up playing snippets of a few other songs, too. We both had heavy days of drinking. This computer now can't encode anything over 5 minutes without shutting off. Parting Gifts videos soon, who were just...fucking great. A story was also told, after someone hugged Greg and kept telling him how his shows are the best shows he ever sees.

I'm sure whoever stole Andy Junk's backpack out of his car will get what's coming to them.

There's not much else to say except enjoy. the bathroom of the Empty Bottle in Chicago, with Radley staring us down.

Parting Gift's "My Minds Made Up" :

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