Thursday, March 3, 2011

TONIGHT : Tiger Bones @ Whistler....Mines / Baby Birds @ Ball Hall, Titus Andronicus, Nitetrotter show...and more...

Thursday night party!

How many things do you have to choose from tonight?

Well :

A free show at The Whistler :

Tiger Bones + Village! 10pm

From Pitch Perfect PR : "Tiger Bones, the Chicago band that began as an experiment called Gay Baby, is psyched to announce their debut EP, Go Over Here. It will be released through their new label Dedd Foxx on March 1, 2011.

Recorded by Ponys front man Jered Gummere, the 4-track EP is a curiously uneasy balance of danceable caveman drums, jangley Link Wray-inspired guitars, and moody, layered vocals, all laced with haunting reverb…You’d never expect to get a weirdo-surf-rock vibe out of four dudes from Chicago, but Tiger Bones has achieved a dreamy, disconnected sound that encourages a blissed-out state of being. Their first single, “Kill Them”, fuses shoulder-shaking beats with ominous, paranoid vocals that bring to mind Three Imaginary Boys-era The Cure, Broadcast, and Suicide.

Go Over Here will be released on vinyl through Tiger Bones’ label, Dedd Foxx, and as a free download via digi-label Candy Dinner. The vinyl EP features four original songs and the digital version includes an additional bonus track that cleverly intertwines Harry Nilsson and Joy Division.

Don’t miss Tiger Bones’ EP release show at The Whistler in Chicago on March 3rd, where you’ll find the band- Jonathan Burden, Jay Ranz, Nick Hagen (who practices with the band via email), and Mike Renaud (a noted fixture in the graphic design community and host of The Show ‘n Tell Show)- enjoying craft cocktails and trying not to make everyone uncomfortable."

...check out a video from the amazing Giant System below :

...and at Ball Hall, you have the great Mines...who were present and playing when Halfway House got busted up...which there's a video of on my Youtube...they play with Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Vehicle Blues, and Relay Beken!

That's not it! If you really need more options, how about :

A show by the industrious Nitetrotter :

Nude Sunrise :
Meester Magpie :
Billy Crystal Meth

$5 donation at door for awesome bands
$2 donation for beer!
$3 other booze
Free hugs

The Observatory


CONGRESS THEATER: Pogues with the always stellar Titus Andronicus !!!


EMPTY BOTTLE hosting Bruce Lamont, Chris Connelly, Scott Tuma !!!

A good night for music to lead up to an AMAZING weekend of shows including THE PARTING GIFTS at Empty Bottle, A ridiculous SXSW send-off show (if it's still happening) including White Mystery , Rabble Rabble, Mickey, and Tender!!!

Rest up, or just go for the gold, Chicago...

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