Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marnie Stern tore up Subterranean, made a dude shove a pick up other dudes ass...

"Why did I film this?!"

I still don't know.

The Subterranean is one of my favorite places in Chicago.

Tera Melos opened, and people loved it. They were good. I didn't know who they were! I saw Reinhart up tour, as he played with Zach Hill at Beat Kitchen the last time they were in town.

So, dudes...what exactly prompted you to get on stage and do such a thing? I guess now you have 500 photos and this video to remind you of how awesome/gross/brilliants/stupid you are. I'm not saying you are one or all of those things, but you know....take your pick of the previous words depending on how you feel.

It was an all ages show, complete with "that guy" up front who wouldn't stop asking me for some of my beer, kept telling me how many drugs he was on, etc. He has never heard of Marnie Stern.

I bet she blew his mind, because the set was great. Some different songs than the last time...stage divers....general debauchery. A strong, wild set at the Subterranean.

Here's a pic from my buddy Lee Klawans :

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Virtual Sound said...

I just saw Marnie Stern and Tear Melos put on a great show at the Vera Project, no dubious guitar pick activity though. I blogged about it here (including some vie\deo)