Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Neon Marshmallow Fest 2011 lineup! Dead Ghosts / Tyler Jon Tyler / Colleen Green photos!

First, three photos from that criminally underattended Hallowed Ground with :

Colleen Green :

Tyler Jon Tyler :

Dead Ghosts :

slushy opened. colleen green and her lady friend gave everyone the sunglasses'd doe-eyes, tyler jon tyler, 2/3 in the same shirt, showed you why tyler jon tyler still fucking kill a lot of pathetic attempts at pop music, and dead ghosts, not surprisingly finally got a half-way raucous whoop from the overly tired 20 people in attendance. as someone who, upon entering hallowed ground that night only to all but lay on the couch and finish a bottle of cognac for the strength to stand, it was the kind of evening where relatively chilled vibes ran throughout. that just meant there was more room when you wanted to get decked by some of dead ghosts bass lines. playing permanent the day before, then milwaukee, they sent their noise everywhere.

also, the NEON MARSHMALLOW FESTIVAL 2011 lineup has been announced!!

If you don't know, Acid Marshmwallow....well, get aquainted now. They have full sets from some local and non local greats, with video from the 2010 fest!

Neon Marshmallow Music Festival 2011
June 10th, 11th & 12th at the Empty Bottle in Chicago

featuring full performances by:

Morton Subotnick
Oneohtrix Point Never
Bill Orcutt
White Rainbow
Rene Hell
The Rita
Pulse Emitter
Outer Space (John from Emeralds)
Spiral Joy Band (members of Pelt)
James Plotkin
Sword Heaven
Telecult Powers
Leslie Keffer
Sick Llama
Dylan Ettinger
Mike Shiflet
Beau Wanzer

...more to come

*ltd. edition NMF pin to anyone that buys a complete pass

purchase pre-sale complete passes:

for more info:

NMF.....get ready!

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