Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Video + Photos : Menomena @ "Music. Friendly. Dancing." #1

Portland's MENOMENA headlined the first of many free monthly shows ran by the Empty Bottle entitled "Music. Friendly. Dancing."

As a "thank you" to customers, the Empty Bottle crew are holding these free shows on a free, first-come, first-serve basis.

There was a small line around 6:45, when I quickly got in to discover there was no re-entry.

I left and picked up a box of greatness from my brother, and then headed inside.

Absolutely Not, from Chicago, opened. They were good! There's a short HD test video from the weekend of TNK of some of them in a different band who's name escapes me. Distractions? I go to too many shows. Some wicked fuzz with warped keyboard lines and a hint of Blue Meanies style yelping and mood.

Menomena were great, missing an original member, which cut out a bunch of really, really good songs entirely. I missed those, but the set was tight and energetic. radley love. newer songs were played with a fervor of just wanting to play music.

...so at 8PM on a Monday, they did just that.

No re-entry was the only negative to an otherwise perfect, flawlessly executed night.

An early, short, free set by an Empty Bottle favorite....on the same night you've been going there to see great free shows anyway...

As if we needed another reason to look forward to summer.

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