Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasure Town Art Show + Mortville GPK

On a lighter note, the last Treasure Town art show, related to No Era / No context seemed, to me, a huge success. Swarms of people, bands, and lovers of the weird attended the already twisted psychedelic vision that is the entity as a whole.

Treasure Town / Mortville already looks like the hideout of Hackers mixed with the hideout of the Turtles. When you had hundreds of pieces of paintings, sculptures, figures / other craziness, it only deepens the beautifully nightmarish scene.

One of the coolest art / music / madness installations i've ever seen.

Everybody I talked to enjoyed themselves, and with good reason...take a look :


Photos :

UPDATE : 3/27 ::: PHOTOS :

...more to come.

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